Lakh Grains (Lakh Dana) لاکھ دانہ

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“Lakh grains,” also known as “lac resin grains” or simply “lac,” refers to a natural resin secreted by the lac insect (Kerria lacca).Lac resin is produced by female lac insects as they feed on the sap of host trees, particularly species in the Ficus and Acacia genera. The insects secrete the resin to create protective coatings on the branches where they lay their eggs. These resinous coatings, known as “lac encrustations,” are harvested and processed to obtain lac resin resin grains typically appear as small, hard, and brittle granules. They can vary in color from pale yellow to dark brown, depending on factors such as the species of the host tree and the processing method.


Shellac Production:

Lac resin is the primary raw material for the production of shellac, a versatile natural resin. Shellac is used as a surface coating, adhesive, and glaze in various industries, including:

  • Woodworking: Shellac is commonly used as a protective finish for wood surfaces, including furniture, musical instruments, and woodcrafts. It provides a durable and glossy surface that enhances the appearance and protects the wood from moisture and wear.
  • Food Industry: Shellac is used as a glazing agent and surface coating for food products such as candies, chocolates, pills, and fruits. It provides a shiny and protective coating that improves the appearance, shelf life, and moisture resistance of the food items.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Shellac is used in pharmaceutical formulations as a coating agent for tablets and pills. It provides a smooth and glossy coating that masks the taste and odor of the medication, protects the active ingredients from moisture and light, and facilitates swallowing.
  • Cosmetics: Shellac is used in cosmetics and personal care products such as nail polishes, hair sprays, and mascara. It provides a glossy and long-lasting finish that enhances the appearance and durability of the cosmetic products.

Textile Industry:

Lac resin is used in the textile industry for dyeing and printing fabrics. It contains natural dyes known as lac dyes, which produce vibrant colors ranging from red to brown. Lac resin is used to prepare lac dyes and natural pigments for textile dyeing and printing processes.

Woodworking Adhesives:

Lac resin is used as a binder and adhesive in woodworking adhesives and wood composites. It provides excellent adhesion and bonding properties, making it suitable for applications such as laminates, plywood, and furniture manufacturing.


Shellac, derived from lac resin, is used in electronics manufacturing as a coating and insulating material for electrical components, wires, and circuits. It provides electrical insulation, moisture resistance, and protection against corrosion and mechanical damage.

Leather Finishing: Lac resin is sometimes used in the leather industry as a natural finishing agent for leather products. It provides a shiny and water-resistant coating that enhances the appearance and durability of leather goods such as shoes, belts, and handbags.

Decorative Arts: Lac resin has been used historically in various cultures for traditional crafts and decorative arts. It is used in lacquerware, jewelry making, and other artisanal crafts to create glossy and decorative finishes on surfaces such as wood, metal, and ceramics.

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Whole (ثابت), Powder (پسا ہوا)


50 Grams, 100 Grams, 250 Grams, 500 Grams, 1000 Grams

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Lakh Grains (Lakh Dana) لاکھ دانہ

 450 5,650

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