Greater Plantain Seed (Bartang) بارتنگ

Urdu Name:بارتنگ
English Name:Greater Plantain Seed
Scientific Name:Tamarindus Indica
Arabic Name: أكبر بذور الموز
Hindi Name:अधिक से अधिक पौधा बीज

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Greater Plantain Seed Bartering


Great plantain (Plantago major) is a plant with broad leaves native to Europe and Asia. It now grows worldwide as a weed. It’s also used as medicine.
Great plantain contains chemicals that might help reduce pain and swelling, reduce mucous, and open airways. It might also help kill bacteria and fungi.


Common cold. Early research suggests that taking great plantain might help reduce the symptoms of the common cold.
Ongoing (chronic) bronchitis. Developing evidence suggests that taking great plantain might help treat chronic bronchitis.
Bladder infections.
Skin conditions, when applied to the skin.
Eye irritation, when applied to the eye.

Side Effects:

Great plantain seed is possibly safe when used for 8-12 weeks. It’s usually well-tolerated. There isn’t enough reliable information to know if great plantain leaf or leaf extract is safe or what the side effects might be.