Fennel Seeds Oil سونف آئل


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Product Details

Botanical Name Foeniculum vulgare Mill
Country of Origin: India
Extraction Mode: Steam Distillation
Plant Part: Fruit
Strength of Aroma: Sweet & Deep
Consistency Liquid consistency

Super Grow Fennel Oil helping in adressing mature skin and in balacing oily and dry skin types. It can be used in most skin types, as well as througout the year on skin that has needs changing with the seasons. It is also beneficial for maintaining or promoting youthful skin and is also helpful when skin is troubled, for example in case of reddened teenage skin.


The essential oil of fennel may be obtained through the steam distillation of crushed fennel seeds, an herb which bears the scientific name of Foeniculum vulgare. Fennel seeds may have been in use in culinary applications and as a mouth freshener since ancient times. They might also be widely used for medicinal purposes. These medicinal properties may come from the various components of the essential oil of fennel, including alpha-pinene, anisic aldehyde, cineole, fenchone, limonene, myrcene, methyl chavicol, and trans-anethole.


Fennel seed essential oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that make it a robust product to soothe and calm your skin. It’s helpful to make your skin healthier. Fennel Essential Oil for skin care possesses active compounds like anethol, limonene, and chavicol that make it good to lift the skin, as well as minimize pores and even out imperfections. Meanwhile, this natural essential oil has anti-aging properties and works effectively to deal with the epidermis to strengthen, protect and re-energize skin. This is also great for face against environmental stressors like – UV RAYS, toxins, and pollutants. Fennel essential oil is one of the finest natural products good for premature skin aging and protects the skin from free radicals. Fennel essential oil hormones can balance the hormones to a certain degree where they would deliver the intended results.
Fennel Essential Oil contains the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that make it the perfect natural product for hair growth, dandruff, scalp itchiness, hair breakage, and hair fall. Fennel Essential Oil offers you lots of hair benefits and is listed as one of the best natural essential oils for hair where it’s great to deal with cellulite. Fennel’s nutritional value makes it effective for skin as well as for hair problems. Fennel seeds contain the necessary nutrients including – calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and vitamin C where all these work effectively to prevent hair loss. Free radicals can produce a negative effect on hair growth as well as cause hair thinning.
There are so many natural essential oils for relaxation, anxiety and depression issues. But Fennel Essential Oil has its own significance. This natural essential oil offers you maximum benefits in the context of low mood, day-to-day stress, etc. Its aroma makes this possible.
Fennel essential oil is quite effective for promoting healthy metabolism, liver function and circulation. This natural essential oil is an excellent natural product for the lung’s health as well as the respiratory tract.
Fennel oil might be an effective worm destroyer. It may kill the worms and their spores in the intestines and the excretory tracts. This may prove to be a great oil for children, who frequently suffer from parasitic worms, and can prevent malnourishment or stunted growth.
Fennel oil might increase the frequency of urination and the quantity of urine, and may help not only remove excess water, sodium, uric acid, bile salts, and other toxic elements from the body but also lowering blood pressure, cleansing the kidneys and reducing fat.
Women who have problems with irregular, obstructed or painful menstruation may benefit from the emmenagogue property of fennel oil. Not only can it help clear obstructed menses and make them regular, it also might give relief from the other symptoms associated with periods such as headaches, pain in the abdominal area, dizziness, and mood swings. It may also help prevent untimely or premature menopause.
This oil may play an important role for lactating mothers. It might increase the amount of milk in them by boosting production of a hormone called estrogen. This benefits the baby as well as the mother. This milk may also inherit some of the carminative and digestive properties of fennel oil and may protect the baby from flatulence, indigestion, and gas, which are very common in infants.
Fennel oil may act as an emmenagogue, galactagogue, and diuretic due to a single property, which is its stimulating quality. Being a stimulant, it may promote all the activities going on inside the body. It might stimulate the brain and neural activity, nervous system, secretions from endocrine and exocrine glands (including the secretion of milk, sebum, sweat, tears, urine, and discharges during menses), digestive system, and excretory system.

How To Use

Massage: To create a Fennel infused massage oil, add a few drops to a carrier oil or base massage oil and massage into sore areas. This may be particularly beneficial to anyone wanting to ease inflammation and pain.
Skin Serum: To treat various skin complaints, add a few drops to a carrier oil and apply to troubled areas.
Moisturiser: Fennel Essential Oil can also be added to any moisturisers to enhance existing benefits.

Diffusing: One of the most common ways to use Fennel Essential Oil is in an aromatherapy diffuser or electric vaporizer. Simply add a few drops and let the aroma fill your environment.
Inhaling: For those who do not own a diffuser or vaporizer, the benefits of Fennel Oil can also be received by inhaling directly from the bottle. Just be sure to avoid direct contact with the skin as this may result in irritation.
Warm Bath: For those wanting to ease inflammation, simply add a few drops to a warm bath.
Cleansing Shower: You can also add a drop of Fennel Oil to each corner of your shower, the aroma will rise with the steam to create a decongesting atmosphere.


Skin sensitivity may occur. Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be diluted before applying directly to the skin. Keep out of reach from children. If pregnant or breastfeeding please ask your doctor before use.

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10 ml


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