Ambergris (Amber) عنبر اشب


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Ambergris is a rare and highly prized substance produced in the digestive system of sperm whales. It forms when a whale ingests indigestible materials such as squid beaks, which irritate its stomach lining. The whale then secretes a waxy substance to coat the irritant, forming a ball-like mass. This mass is eventually expelled by the whale and can float on the ocean’s surface for years, gradually aging and transforming due to exposure to sunlight and saltwater.Initially, fresh ambergris has a foul odor, but as it ages, it develops a unique, pleasant fragrance described as sweet, earthy, and musky. This transformation is one reason why it’s highly valued in the perfume industry, where it’s used as a fixative to help enhance and prolong the scent of other fragrant compounds in perfumes.

What is Colour of Ambergris

Ambergris can vary in color depending on its age and exposure to light, air, and water. Freshly expelled ambergris typically has a dark, almost black appearance due to its exposure to the stomach acids of the whale. However, as it ages and oxidizes, it gradually lightens in color.

Aged ambergris can range in color from grayish-brown to pale yellow or even white. The exact shade can depend on factors such as the duration of exposure to sunlight, the presence of impurities, and the specific chemical changes undergone during its aging process.


It plays a major role in boosting libido and treating impotence in both women and men. recent studies have confirmed that adding amber to saffron makes it a sexual tonic. On the other hand, don’t use it in large quantites in oreder to avoidso as not to produce negative symptoms such as headache, weakness and insomnia.

Here Are Some Other Major Benefits of Ambergris:

  • Amberstimulates appetite and weight gain
  • Reducing arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Relieves nerve pain.
  • Maintains neurological health and state.
  • Treating high blood pressure.
  • Also reduces the problem of the seventh nerve.
  • Treatment of diseases of the intestine, liver and bladder.
  • It improves the psychological state and helps to rest and a sense of calm and reassurance.


Ambergris is primarily used in the perfume industry, where it serves several purposes:

Fixative: Ambergris acts as a fixative in perfumes, helping to stabilize and prolong the scent of other fragrance ingredients. Its complex aroma enhances the overall fragrance composition and prevents the rapid evaporation of volatile scent molecules.

Scent Enhancement: The unique fragrance of ambergris, which is often described as sweet, earthy, musky, and with marine undertones, adds depth and complexity to perfumes. It can contribute to creating rich and sophisticated fragrance profiles that appeal to consumers.

Blending: Perfumers use ambergris as a blending ingredient to harmonize and balance different fragrance notes. It can add warmth, smoothness, and a distinctive character to perfume formulations.

Luxury and Exclusivity: Due to its rarity and the labor-intensive process of sourcing it ethically, genuine ambergris is considered a luxurious and prestigious ingredient in perfumery. Perfumes containing ambergris often command high prices and are sought after by collectors and connoisseurs.

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1 Gram (1 Masha)

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Ambergris (Amber) عنبر اشب


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