Amber Sucomum (Keharba) کہربا شمعی

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It is the resin of dead pine or other coniferous trees, which were buried under the soil millions of years ago. The sap from the coniferous trees like pine hardens when it remains underground over centuries and becomes a transparent yellowish substance called amber. Amber is usually used to make jewelry. However, traditional medicine in China and Europe has been using powdered amber to treat various physical ailments. Amber may be dug out from amber mines or may be found in coal mines. When it comes to hardness, the amber from coal mines is stronger and more difficult to break than regular amber from amber mines. With a glossy bright surface, amber can be found in colors ranging from yellow to dark brown.


Amber and amber derivatives are used in the treatment of palpitations and convulsions as amber powder is known to calm the mind. Chinese medicine uses amber powder along with other herbs in the treatment of epilepsy. Amber acid from Baltic amber is used as a food additive to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and hasten the healing of wounds. Succinic acid, as amber acid is called, is said to be effective against alcoholism, reducing the effects of excessive consumption of alcohol. Succinic acid is also known to be an antioxidant and is said to prevent aging of human cells. Amber acid stimulates the thyroid gland and regulates hormone production in the body. Massages with amber oil are best to improve blood circulation. Amber oil also penetrates deep into the skin when massaged and eases muscular pain. Powdered amber energizes the body and promotes healing in case of injuries. Applied to ulcers, carbuncles, and boils on the skin, it reduces inflammation and facilitates tissue regeneration and healing. Amber is effective in the treatment of kidney-related problems such as difficulty in urination and water retention. It is also beneficial in the case of those suffering from uterine stones.

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