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Amazing Health Benefits Of Saffron
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Saffron .Uses,Benefits, Side Effects, & More
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Corner white saffron

Pushal saffron
Sargol saffron
Negin saffron
Super Negan Saffron

Encyclopedia of Saffron

Scientific name:
Crocus sativus.L
English name:
Saffron,True Saffron,Day Saffron,Crocus

Urdu Name:


Arabic name:

الزعفران ساتيفوس,كركم نباتي,لون الزعفران

Common Name:


Plant Family:


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Saffron (Crocus sativus) is a plant. The dried thread-like parts (stigmas) of the flower are used to make saffron a spice, food color and medicine.

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What is saffron?

As the most expensive spice in the world, saffron gives food a beautiful golden color and a pungent, aromatic flavor. You can sell it as red threads or in ground form, and they are available year-round. It is used all over the world but mostly used  Zionist Persians, Arabs, Europeans, Chines,  Pakistani, Indians and Afghanistan.

What is saffron used for?

Saffron is a special spice and favorite spice in Persian cuisine. Because it gives a beautiful color and pleasant aroma to Persian food and sweets. Accordingly, Iranians also use it in rice, kebabs, stews, desserts, ice cream, and tea. In addition, saffron plays an important role in sholay zard, a Persian rice pudding served at ceremonial events. Iranians, on the other hand, use saffron in dying Persian hand-woven carpets.

Different types of saffron

  1. Super Negan Saffron

  2. Negin saffron

  3. Sargol saffron

  4. Pushal saffron

  5. Corner white saffron

Benefits of Saffron

  • Improves skin tone.
  • Improve mood
  • Antidepressants
  • Improve mood
  • Prevention of cancer
  • Neurological problems
  • Digestion
  • Eye sight
  • Control heart rate.
  • Regulate blood pressure.
  • Weight loss (controls appetite)
  • As an ingredient in recipes useful in menstrual disorders

The Uses of Saffron:

Saffron is used as a spice in many culinary products: Food products such as margarine, sausages,
cake powder,and many desserts. Dairy products such as butter and cheese.
Saffron is also used in other products such as Sweets, Candy, Ice Cream, Jelly, Beverages, Wine, Chicken, Rice, Seafood, Soup, Bread, and Cake

Amazing Health Benefits Of Saffron:

Disease prevention.Volatile oils.Active components. Therapeutic applications. Antidepressant.Digestive properties.
Digestive properties. Cell formation and repair. Heart diseases, blood pressure.Blood cell production. Optimum Health.

Skin Benefits of Saffron:

Saffron for radiant Skin.Saffron for Fairer Skin. Treatment of Acne and Blemishes

Other Benefits for saffron:

Due to its other properties, Saffron can also be used for medical purposes such as Helps with digestion, strengthens the stomach and is anti-tympanists, Rouses sexual desire is analgesic, especially for colicky pains and combats gingivitis, Helps to fight tumors and collections of free radicals

Side Effects:

adverse effects. Using saffron supplements in the short term seems safe for most people. They can cause side effects such as anxiety, changes in appetite, upset stomach, sleepiness, and headaches. Using saffron in large amounts or for long periods of time can be dangerous. Some people are also allergic to saffron.

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Plant Saffron
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Saffron Corp
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Gathering Saffron
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Packing Saffron

Common Usage of saffron

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