violet flower گل بنفشہ

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Violet scientifically known as Viola odorata is a small bushy plant that belongs to Violaceae – Violet family. The plant is native to Europe and Asia, but has also been introduced to North America and Australia.  From old ages it has been grown in gardens, and now it has spread to most of Europe.


The sweet violet (Viola odorata, Violaceae) is the principal medicinal and culinary species used in Europe. It has escaped cultivation in many locales, because it is popularly planted for its fragrance. Much of the American use of violets stems from the European herbal tradition. Interestingly, most violet species in North America lack the signature aroma of sweet violet.


Leaves of violet plant are able to reduce blood pressure as it consists of alkaloids and flavonoids. Alkaloids have relaxing effect on blood vessel. As the result, we will have such an easier blood flow. As we know, the normal blood circulation prevents us from getting elevated blood pressure.

Violet leaves are beneficial to prevent and treat the early stage of cancer. It’d due to the high antioxidant level which is able to fight the free radicals as the main factor of cancer growth. Regular consumption of violet leaves is obviously able to reduce or shrink the early stage or tumor and cancer.

Violet leaves is helpful to reduce bad cholesterol level. Besides, it is also good in improving the health of intestinal flora. Intestinal flora supplies the food for good bacteria which aid digestion. Dietary fiber is also able to improve the bowel movement and prevent some digestion problems such flatulence and constipation.

Violet flower is an important addition to your medicine chest during the cold and flu season. Syrup of the flowers can soothe an irritated and hot throat.

Violet leaves may give you way to relieve your coughing. Decoction of violet leaves or hot violet tea can be a powerful expectorant as it contains beneficial value for pulmonary health such as mucilage and saponins. It is also a suggested cure for bronchitis.

Leaves of beautiful violet flowers can be used as blood purifier. It means that the leaves are beneficial to boost the metabolism. Leaves also aid the fast waste elimination. Consumption of violet leaves encourages the lymphatic glands which helps flush the bacteria and the other unwanted material in the blood.

Consuming violet leaves can also give a soothing and cooling effect. It is very good when you drink the violet leaves to relieve your fever

Fresh violet poultice can be used externally for a variety of reasons. Abscesses, acne, arthritis, minor skin irritations, sores, and swollen glands are just a few of the possibilities.

Violet leaves are rich with rutin. Rutin is often found in any remedy for hemorrhoid. It is because rutin performs great anti-inflammatory which ease inflammation in hemorrhoid. Rutin is also included into any medicine for varicose veins.