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Sweet Thorn (Phalli Kikkar) پھلی ببول

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Urdu Name:پھلی ببول/پھلی کیکر
English Name:Sweet Thorn
Scientific Name:Vachellia karroo
Arabic Name:شوكة حلوة
Hindi Name:मीठा कांटा


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Acacia is the gum that is exuded from the acacia tree. It’s a dietary fiber that can dissolve in water.

As a medicine, acacia is taken by mouth to reduce cholesterol levels and to help increase weight loss.

In manufacturing, acacia is used as a pharmaceutical ingredient in medications for throat or stomach inflammation and as a film-forming agent in peel-off skin masks.


High cholesterol. Taking acacia by mouth does not seem to lower cholesterol levels.
Dental plaque. Early research suggests that chewing acacia gum for 10 minutes five times daily for 7 days reduces dental plaque more than sugar-free chewing gum.
Weight loss. There is early evidence that shows taking 30 grams of powdered acacia daily might help weight loss.


Acacia is LIKELY SAFE for most adults when taken by mouth in amounts commonly found in food.
Acacia is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken by mouth in amounts used for medical purposes.

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