Stevia Leaf 50 gram سٹیویا

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What exactly is stevia?
Stevia, also called Stevia rebaudiana, is a plant that is a member of the chrysanthemum family, a subgroup of the Asteraceae family

Some stevia brands also contain natural flavors if the related ingredients have no added colors, artificial flavors, or synthetics.

Are there benefits to using stevia?
Stevia is a nonnutritive sweetener. This means it has almost no calories. If you’re trying to lose weight, this aspect may be appealing.
However, to date, research is inconclusive. The impact of nonnutritive sweetener on an individual’s health may depend on the amount that is consumed, as well as the time of day it’s consumed.
If you have diabetes, stevia may help keep your blood sugar levels in check.
Stevia leaf powder may help manage cholesterol. Study participants consumed 20 milliliters of stevia extract daily for one month.
Is there a link between stevia and cancer?
There’s some evidence to suggest that stevia may help fight or prevent some types of cancer.
a glycoside called stevioside found in stevia plants helps boost cancer cell death in a human breast cancer line. Stevioside may also help decrease some mitochondrial pathways that help cancer grow.
It found that many stevia glycoside derivatives were toxic to specific leukemia, lung, stomach, and breast cancer cell lines.
• Anti-bacterial
• Anti-Septic
• Anti-microbial
• Anti-oxidant
• Anti-glycemic
• Anti-hypertensive
• Hypertension
• Diabetes
• Chronic fatigue
• Indigestion
• Upset stomach
• Heat burn
• Improve energy levels
• Strengthen immune system
• Help in withdrawl from
• Tobacco and alcohol addiction
• Dandruff and hair loss

How to use stevia as a sugar substitute
Stevia may be used in place of table sugar in your favorite foods and beverages. A pinch of stevia powder is equal to about one teaspoon of table sugar.
Tasty ways to use stevia include:
in coffee or tea
in homemade lemonade
Sprinkled on hot or cold cereal
in a smoothie
Sprinkled on unsweetened yogurt
You can bake with stevia, although it may give cakes and cookies a licorice aftertaste. Stevia in the Raw recommends replacing half the total amount of sugar in your recipe with their product