Dry Kachri کچری

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Urdu Name:کچری
English Name:Dry Kachri
Scientific Name:Cucumis pubescens
Arabic Name:
Hindi Name:
Family: Cucurbita
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Whole (ثابت)/ 100 gm

 100.00 830.00

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Kachri is a vegetable which is a wild variety of cucumber, which grows on vines. It resembles a melon but is small in size and brownish-yellow in color. Inside they have many seeds and very little flesh. It grows in dry, dessert areas, however it is usually not cultivated as a crop. Fresh kachri is abundantly found in Rajasthan, where it is usually eaten as a vegetable, in pickles, or as a chutney. Kachri however is dried and ground and popularly available everywhere in India as a souring agent as well as a meat tenderizer.


Kachri has beneficial properties in the treatment of skin conditions like itching, prickly heat, boils, bed sores.
It also helps to relieve earaches.


There isn’t enough information to know if Kachri is safe or what the possible side effects might be.







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