Scammony سقمونیا

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Urdu Name:سقمونیاں/Scammony /سقمونیا
English Name:Scammony/Bindweed
Scientific Name:Convolvulus scammonia
Arabic Name:احتيال/Mahmooda
Hindi Name:स्कैमनी
Temperament: مزاج
Usage: استعمال
Health Benefits: نفع خاص
Side effect: مضر
Dosage مقدار خوراک


Natural Order, Convolvulaceae. A twining plant, growing wild in Western Asia and in portions of Greece and Turkey. Stems fifteen to twenty feet long, numerous and smooth; leaves alternate, arrow-shaped, smooth, and on long petioles; flowers an inch or more in length, funnel-shaped, pale yellow, axillary; sepals five, obovate; bracts awl shaped; stamens and styles shorter than the corolla. The roots are perennial, two or more inches in diameter at the top, tapering, three or four feet long, brownish without, whitish within, with an acrid milky juice, succulent. This root abounds in a resinous material, which may be obtained from either the fresh or the dried plant.

Scammony is valued for its resin, which is the medicinal portion always alluded to in Pharmacy, and which passes under the various names of Scammony resin, Virgin scammony, and Lachryma scammony. Mr. Maltass, in the London Journal of Pharmacy, gives a detailed account of the preparation of this resin; from which the following particulars are condensed:




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