Rosemary Oil روز میری آئل



rosemary oil may help you focus and remember information. It may also aid your memory as you age

Rosemary oil may combat certain types of hair loss, including male pattern baldness and patchy hair loss.

Rosemary oil is used in natural pesticides to kill certain insects. Additionally, the oil helps repel some blood-sucking insects, such as particular mosquitoes and ticks.

Simply smelling rosemary oil may ease your stress levels in situations like exam taking. Rosemary may reduce levels of cortisol, a hormone that can have harmful effects on your body.

rosemary oil may boost attention, alertness, energy and mood.

Applying diluted rosemary oil topically may help lower inflammation in injuries and rheumatoid arthritis.

Potential future uses of rosemary oil include preventing cancer and food poisoning, as well as supporting liver and digestive health. Yet, no human studies on these effects have been conducted.