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White Mustard Seed سرسوں سفید،رائی،خردل

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Urdu Name:سرسوں سفید
English Name:White Mustard Seed
Scientific Name:Sinapis alba
Arabic Name:بذور الخردل الأبيض
Hindi Name:सफेद सरसों का बीज

What Is Mustard?

It is a versatile cruciferous vegetable that belongs to the family of Brassica. Mustards are available in black, brown and white color and are popularly known and used in different regions of the world.

Is Mustard Good For Health?

Yes, it is and this can be well understood by knowing the various mustard properties associated with this ingredient. The regular consumption of mustard, in any form, brings the desired benefits that are needed for the normal functioning of the body.

Mustard Seeds Benefits:

  • Prevents Cancer.
  • Lowers Cholesterol Levels.
  • Provides Respiratory Relief.
  • Promotes Digestion.
  • Improves Your Cardiovascular Health.
  • Treat Psoriasis.
  • Poison Repulsion.
  • Control Diabetes.
  • Treats Menopause.
  • Aids In Detoxification.
  • Helps Strengthen Teeth, Bones, and Gums.
  • Boosts Hair Growth.
  • Conditions Hair.

How to Use Mustard Seeds?

According to Ayurveda, mustard seeds can be consumed in the following ways:

Whole seeds can be used in salads
Mustard seeds can be used as an ingredient in pickles
It may be used to make curry

Side Effects of Mustard Seeds

  • It may cause urticaria (swollen, reddened, and itchy skin).
  • It may cause eczema on the hands (skin becomes dry and itchy).
  • It may cause asthma.
  • It may cause a runny nose.
  • It may cause angioedema (swelling of the lower layer of skin).
  • It may cause oral pruritis (itchy mouth).
  • It may cause wheezing with shortness of breath9.
  • If you notice any reaction from mustard seeds, seek immediate medical attention.



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