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Milk Thistle Root(Onth Khatara) جڑ اونٹ کٹارا

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Urdu Name:جڑ اونٹ کٹارا/Onth Khatara
English Name:Milk Thistle Root
Scientific Name:Silybum marianum
Arabic Name:شوك الحليب
Hindi Name:दुग्ध रोम


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Milk thistle is a plant that is native to Europe and was brought to North America by early colonists. Milk thistle is now found throughout the eastern United States, California, South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia. The above ground parts and seeds are used to make medicine.

Milk thistle is taken by mouth most often for liver disorders, including liver damage caused by chemicals, alcohol, and chemotherapy, as well as liver damage caused by Amanita mushroom poisoning, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, chronic inflammatory liver disease, cirrhosis of the liver, and chronic hepatitis.

Benefits of Milk Thistle:

  • Milk Thistle Protects Your Liver
  • It May Help Prevent Age-Related Decline in Brain Function
  • Cirrhosis
  • Hepatitis C
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Supports weight loss
  • Improves allergic asthma symptoms
  • Supports bone health
  • Supports the immune system

Side Effects:

Milk thistle extract is LIKELY SAFE for most people when taken by mouth. In some people, taking milk thistle extract can cause diarrhea, nausea, intestinal gas, fullness, loss of appetite, and possibly headache.

When applied to the skin: Milk thistle extract is POSSIBLY SAFE when applied directly to the skin for short periods of time.






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