Marine Costus (Kuth Shereen) قسط شیریں

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Urdu Name:قسط شیریں
English Name:Marine Costus
Scientific Name:Saussurea costus
Arabic Name:القسط البحري
Hindi Name:समुद्री कॉस्टस
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Costus (Saussurea costus) is an herb native to China and India. Its root and essential oil are used in traditional medicine systems such as Ayurveda and Unani.

Costus root contains chemicals that might kill parasites and slow down activity in the intestines.

People use costus for parasite infections in the intestines and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses.


  • Alternative Treatments for Migraines
  • Useful for treating tonsils.
  • Helps to clean and expel germs.
  • Allows the reduction of the level of glycemia in the blood.
  • It helps to lower blood pressure.
  • Allows to reduce the cholesterol level.
  • It helps lower the cholesterol level in the blood.
  • It helps stimulate sexual weaknesses and increase libido in men and women.
  • It helps to purify the blood.
  • Used to treat urinary problems.
  • It stimulates the pancreas.

Side Effects:

When taken by mouth: Costus oil is commonly consumed in foods. But costus often contains a contaminant called aristolochic acid. Aristolochic acid damages the kidneys and causes cancer. Costus products that contain aristolochic acid are unsafe. Don’t use a costus product unless lab tests prove it is free of aristolochic acid.


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