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Rubia cordifolia (Mujeeth) مجیٹھ

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Urdu Name:مجیٹھ
English Name:Madder/مدر
Scientific Name:Rubia cordifolia
Arabic Name:فورة
Hindi Name:मजीठ

cordifolia have been widely used in the clinical treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding, primary dysmenorrhea and other gynecological diseases, allergic purpura, renal hemorrhage and other diseases.

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Benefits of Rubia cordifolia:

  • Rubia cordifolia for cardiovascular disorders.
  • Rubia cordifolia for treating acne.
  • Rubia cordifolia are beneficial for the skin.
  • Anthraquinones found in the extract show anti.
  • Rubia cordifolia for managing diabetes.
  • Anticancer Rubia cordifolia.
  • Rubia cordifolia for wound healing.
  • Rubia cordifolia for managing psoriasis.
  • Rubia cordifolia for preventing liver damage.


Despite the myriad of health benefits it has, manjistha is not devoid of side effects. It should be avoided during pregnancy. The chemicals present in manjistha may cause cancer. Consuming it can change the color of urine, perspiration, tears and breast milk.


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