karanjwa کرنجوہ 250گرام

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What is Karanjwa?

Karanjwa is a medicinal herb mainly used for skin disorders. All parts of Karanja tree (roots, flowers, leaves, bark) are used for medicinal purposes.


It is very useful in treating skin diseases.
It has properties which can detoxify the vagina and treat uterine disorders.
Used in treating piles and haemorrhoids.
It can relieve bloating, flatulence and stomach ailments.
It can relieve worm infestation and aids quick wound healing.
The leaves of Karanja can relieve inflammation, diarrhea and constipation.
The fruits of Karanja is used to treat diabetes.
The fruits are also used to treat psoriasis and skin infections.
The oil of Karanja is used as a bio diesel.
It helps to reduce boils, abscess and eczema.
It relives pain and inflammation caused due to open wounds and burns.
Traditionally it is used to treat scorpion bites, fever and poisoning.
Used to treat gout and syphilis.