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Holy Basil ،تلسی،مُشک بِبری,،نیاز بو

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Holy basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is a plant that is native to India. It is commonly used in the traditional Indian medicine system, Ayurveda.

Holy basil is sometimes called “hot basil” because of its peppery taste. Chemicals in holy basil are thought to reduce pain and swelling. They also might lower blood sugar in people with diabetes. Holy basil oil might act as an antioxidant.


  • Protect against infection and treat wounds. Extracts made from its leaves are thought to boost wound healing speed and strength.
  • Lower your blood sugar.
  • Lower your cholesterol.
  • Ease inflammation and joint pain.
  • Protect your stomach.

Side Effects:

Holy basil is possibly safe when used short-term. Holy basil leaf extract has been safely used at a dose of 500 mg daily for 60-90 days. Taking holy basil might cause nausea or diarrhea. There isn’t enough reliable information available to know if it is safe to use long-term.



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