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Fish Stone (Sang e Sarmai) سنگ سرماہی

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Urdu Name:سنگ سرماہی/ Sang Sarmai
English Name:Fish Stone/فش سٹون
Scientific Name:Minerals
Arabic Name:حجر السمك
Hindi Name:मछली का पत्थर

A type of stone found inside fish heads, called an otolith, is thought to help with people’s kidney pains, which has prompted their demand to increase to the point where they cost more than the fish.
A sort of stone found inside some of the fish, known as otoliths or “earstones,” is thought to be helpful for kidney pains, which increased their demand to the point where they cost more than the fish.

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The stones are also thought to prevent kidney disease, which prompts customers to get them from the fish even if they have the vendors clean it out, Keklik added.
The size of a fingernail, these stones are comprised of calcium carbonate,

Fish Stone boil these lucky stones to make a tea, which drink in the belief that it will protect them from being stung by a fish. They also carry the stones in their pockets to ward off back pain. Also, otolith amulets are worn to protect against fever.

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