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Fast Grow Herbal Shampoo


Fast Grow Herbal Shampoo is natural blend of Amla, reetha, Shikaki, Bhringraj, Aloe vera, Essential oils etc. A unique formulation of nutrient-rich herbs that give light freshness to your hair and strengthens the hair down to the tips. Color-safe and pH-balanced, this gentle shampoo enriched with medicinal herbs strengthens and nourishes hair for a stronger inner hair structure and smooth hair surface. Fast Grow Shampoo Effectively reduces hair fall ,thinnig, and treat your dull and dry hair also it eliminates dandruff and add shine and volume to your hair. it controls excess oil and nourishes your scalp. A single time use will give you quick results and we assure you that it will completely replace your chemical shampoo.

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  • 100% organic
  • Sulfate-free
  • Silicone free
  • Paraben free
  • Anti fizz, Anti Dandruff
  • Made with all herbal ingredients.


Fast Grow Shampoo work on to improve the moisture in your hair by hydrating the follicles and roots of your hair. This in turn reduces the chances of hair fall, loose, dry, and damaged hair.
Fast Grow Shampoo are made to strengthen the hair follicles by giving essential oils and nourishment all through the root and follicles. This, in turn, promotes hair growth and stimulates the formation of new and healthy hair roots.
Fast Grow Shampoo can do wonders for your hairs. Our scalps need to maintain a perfect balance of oil and pH levels in order to have beautiful, healthy, and strong hair. By using fast grow shampoo you can get the perfect oil balance.
Fast grow Shampoo are made out of natural and essential antiseptic properties that prevent our hair and scalp from the harsh UV rays of the sun thus preventing skin infections.
Fast grow Shampoo are made of natural ingredients suitable for every type of skin. So, there is no need to worry about any skin allergies with the use of fast grow.
Fast Grow Shampoo also keep the natural color of your hair and with regular usage, even enhance them. Along with this, it keep the hair healthy, shiny, bouncy with a well-balanced and healthy scalp.

Why Choose Fast Grow Shampoo?

  • Devoid of harsh chemicals & toxins
  • Cost friendly – not much expensive.
  • Enhances hair health for long term benefits
  • Skin-friendly – never causes irritation to the eyes.
  • Fast Grow Shampoo are made out of pure and organic ingredients and there are no synthetic additives or surfactants and are free of any side effects unlike others.


Start with wetting your hair. Apply sufficient amount of fast grow shampoo according to your hair length and massage all over scalp and entire hair length. Once done, rinse with water thoroughly.

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