Dry Coconut ناریل

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Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). It’s used for its water, milk, oil, and tasty meat. Coconuts have been grown in tropical regions for more than 4,500 years but recently increased in popularity for their flavor, culinary uses, and potential health benefits.


Coconut is versatile in the kitchen and works well in both sweet and savory foods. It’s a great choice for those on low-carb, paleo, gluten-free, or nut-free diets.


Eating coconut may improve cholesterol levels and help decrease belly fat, which is a risk factor for heart disease.

Coconut is low in carbs and rich in amino acids, healthy fats, and fiber, making it a great choice for blood sugar control.

Coconuts contain polyphenol antioxidants that can protect your cells from damage, which may reduce your disease risk.

Coconut is high in calories, so if you’re watching your weight, keep your portions small. Check with your healthcare provider about eating it if you have very high cholesterol or are at risk of heart disease.


Calories 650
Protein 7.5 grams
Carbs 25 grams
Fiber 18 grams
Fat 65 grams
Manganese 137% of the DV
Copper 40% of the DV
Selenium 26% of the DV
Magnesium 23% of the DV
Phosphorus 21% of the DV
Iron 18% of the DV
Potassium 16% of the DV