Croton Oil (روغن جمال گوٹہ)

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Croton seed Oil روغن جمال گوٹہ
Croton Seeds oil is applied for baldness and various hair diseases. It is also used for application on Psoriasis as it creates a bruise and excretes all the infection from the skin and the disease disappears. It is very effective for hair fall if mixed with olive oil and applied.

It should be used in small amounts.
The small doses also causes diarrhea.
It could cause damage to tissues and permanent scarring.
It should be avoided by pregnant women, kids and toddlers.
The external use causes swelling and irritation.
It might cause chemical burns on the skin.
It might cause blistering, itching and skin lesions.

Side Effects
Unpurified or unprocessed Jamalgota (croton seeds) is LIKELY UNSAFE and cause severe irritation and inflammation in the alimentary canal. It results in following side effects.
Severe cramps
Ulceration in mouth
Severe abdominal tenderness
Burning in the abdomen
Acid dyspepsia

External application of croton seeds (Jamal gota) can lead to following adverse effects.
Burning sensation

Purified Jamalgota or Processed Croton Kernels
The unsupervised use can cause same side effects listed above, but the intensity of its effects are less than unpurified Jamalgota.

Croton Oil
Croton oil is LIKELY UNSAFE. 20 drops of croton oil can lead to death. Even a single drop can cause following side effects.
Mouth ulcer or Blistering in mouth
Severe cramps
Burning in mouth