Chikakhai سکا کائی

 Shikakai  سکا کائی

What Is Shikakai?
Shikakai, also known as Acacia Concinna, is a climbing shrub of Ayurvedic composition found in parts of Asia, and Central and South India. The preparation of Shikakai is done by drying its bark, fruit pods and leaves. After grinding, these are turned into a paste, which can then be used as a hair cleanser. Shikakai also has properties that help the hair become smooth and strong when used on a regular basis.

Benefits Of Shikakai For Hair Growth

Induces Hair Growth. Research shows that shikakai exhibits hair growth-promoting activity
Soothes Your Scalp. A healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair growth.

Nourishes Your Follicles.
Fights Dandruff. …
Curbs Hair Loss.
Cleanses Your Hair. …
Adds Shine. …
Prevents Grays. …