Chamomile Tea گل بابونہ

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Other Names:

Camomile,chamomile flower,babuna,gul babuna

Family: asteraceae.


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 300.00 4,850.00

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Urdu Name:گل بابونہ/Gul e Baboona
English Name:Chamomile Tea/Feverfew
Scientific Name:Tanacetum parthenium
Arabic Name:نبات الينسون
Hindi Name:बुखार का पौधा

What is Chamomile Tea?

Chamomile tea, made from the chamomile flower, is used to treat a variety of health problems. Chamomile (Matricaria recuita) is a daisy-like flowering plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. It was originally found in Europe and Western Asia, but it is now found all over the world. The herb has a subtle apple scent, which may explain its name: chamomile is Greek for “Earth apple.”

Chamomile is a popular flavoring agent in foods and beverages, as well as mouthwash, soaps, and cosmetics. But its health benefits and side effects are not noticeable as a flavoring agent. Rather when we use it as a herbal tea or medicine, it shows its effects.

Chamomile Tea Benefits:

  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Soothes cold symptoms.
  • Good for your heart.
  • Helps with digestion.
  • Good for sleep.
  • Reduces anxiety.
  • Soothes sore throats.
  • Good for your immune system.

Side Effects

Chamomile is primarily used to treat insomnia, anxiety, and digestive upsets, but it is also being studied as a possible treatment for diabetes. It is also applied topically to treat skin conditions and aid in wound healing. However, the research for any of these alleged benefits is lacking because chamomile has not been thoroughly studied in humans.



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