Castor Seeds تخم ارنڈ

Castor Bean،Castor Seed،تخم ارنڈ

Benefits Of Castor Seed And Its Side Effects
Castor seed, obtained from the castor plant, is one of the few medicinal plants the use of which can be traced back throughout human history across different civilizations. One of the most common forms of usage of castor seeds is the castor seed oil, which is carefully extracted from the seeds while ensuring that the poisonous elements of the plant are kept away. Castor seed has a vast number of applications and benefits with the chief among them being treatment of muscle and joint problems like rheumatism and arthritis. Other amazing benefits of castor seeds include relieving menstrual pain, improvement of skin tone and texture, being a great remedy for bruises and wounds and much more. By using castor seeds for the different ailments and problems, you will see wonderful effects in remarkably short durations.

Nutritional facts Per 100 Grams
310 Calories
5.8 g Total Fat
65.37 g Total Carbohydrate
11.5 g Protein
Vitamins and Minerals 110 g
Calcium 95 g