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Black Musli موصلی سیاہ


Curculigo orchioides is an endangered flowering plant species in the genus Curculigo. It is native to Nepal, China, Japan, the Indian subcontinent, Papuasia, and Micronesia.


Black musli (Curculigo orchioides) is a herb that belongs to the family Hypoxidaceae. It is a native of temperate regions such as Chota-Nagapur plateau and Deccan plateau in India.The medicinal properties of this herb are elucidated in several texts of Ayurveda. It is also a major ingredient of several medicinal preparations in the Unani system of medicine. The ancient inhabitants of China were well aware of the medicinal properties of Black Musli and extensively used it in herbal preparations. The rhizome of this plant is utilized extensively for medicinal purposes.


Black Musli is used along with other herbs to treat bronchitis, chronic cough and asthma.

Ayurveda also elaborates upon this herb’s aphrodisiac properties. Black Musli preparations are widely used in treating erectile dysfunction, low libido, low sperm count and low sperm motility. Ayurvedic texts immensely praise its properties of enhancing quality and quantity of semen.

Black Musli acts as diuretic and boosts the resistance of urinary system against infections.

Black Musli is also used as a general systemic health enhancer (rasayana). It strengthens the body and boosts immunity levels.

The most noteworthy of these are:

  • It is effective in prevention of post menopausal osteoporosis.
  • It is a very good anti-oxidant.
  • Its rhizomes have antibacterial properties.