Aleppo Oak,Mazu Sabz مازو سبز

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Aleppo Oak/Mazu Sabz (مازو سبز) also known as Quercus Infectoria is a plant or shrub native to Eastern and Asian countries, and the galls that have been infested by certain oak gall wasps are containing certain phytochemical contents for many health benefits.

The extract of this shrub is very rich in Tannins which constrict the vaginal wall and tissues. In medicine, this effect is known as “astringent properties.” Interestingly, it has an ability to kill or inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and fungi.

It’s antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetes and acts as a local anesthetic due to other phytochemical content isolated from the shrub (gallic acids, ellagic acid, piperonylic acid ester, antioxidants, calcium, fiber, vitamin A and C, iron, carbohydrates, and protein). This is the most potent botanical source for women who want to tighten their private area.

Medicinal properties:

Aleppo oak has following healing properties,

  1. Strong Astringent
  2. Topical Astringent
  3. Wound healing – Topical application
  4. Antidiarrheal
  5. Antidysenteric
  6. Antihemorrhagic
  7. Anti-inflammatory
  8. Fat Burner
  9. Antioxidant

Therapeutic indications:

  1. Chronic Diarrhea with mucus
  2. Dysentery
  3. Irritable bowel syndrome – when one passes loose stools with mucus content
  4. Bleeding piles
  5. Rectal prolapse
  6. Frequent urination
  7. Urinary incontinence
  8. Urinary tract infections (pus in urine)
  9. Uterine prolapse
  10. Leucorrhoea
  11. Excessive uterine bleeding