Common name: Sandfish Skink

Botanical name: Linnaeus Scincus scincus

Scientific name: Scincus scincus

English name:Sandfish Skink

Farsi name:

Arabic name:سمكة رملية

Hindi name:

Urdu name:ریگ ماہی ریت کی مچھلی Reg mahi

Scientific name: Scincus scincus

Alternate Names: Sandfish skink, Common sandfish, Apotheker Skink, Sandfish

Family: Scincidae

Size: 5-8 inches

Diet: A variety of insects, crickets, worms, and primarily beetles

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Information Source ( Wikipedia)

Scientific name: Scincus scincus

Higher classification: Scincus

Phylum: Chordata

Order: Scaled reptiles

Rank: Species

Class: Reptilia


The name Algerian sandfish originated because of its ability to move through sand as if it were swimming. Adult common skinks usually reach about 20 cm (8 inches) in length, including the short tail.

The common skink has developed a peculiar surprise way of dealing with the desert heat:

it can dive into soft sand. It does this to prevent overheating (as it is cold-blooded) and whenever it feels threatened, especially by its arch-nemesis:

the devil-headed Saharan snake.

Scincus scincus

ریگ ماہی

The common sandfish, also commonly known as the common skink, is a species of skink that burrows into the sand and swims through it. It is native to north Africa and southwestern Asia, but is also kept as a pet elsewhere.

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